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Mission and Goal

The International Center for Agro-Informatics and Sustainable Development (ICASD)

  • is founded in cooperation between the China Agricultural University, Beijing (China) and the University of Cologne (Germany).

The overall mission of ICASD is to promote

  • the application of information science and technology in agriculture, resource management, and environmental sciences,
  • the sustainable development of intensive agriculture with regard to high yield, high quality, and an environmentally safe and efficient management of natural resources.

The major goal of ICASD is

  • to develop into an important open, international, and multidisciplinary innovation platform for agro-informatics and sustainable development research, as well as international cooperation,
  • to build up an important research base for modern agriculture within the next 5-10 years,
  • and to provide theory and technology support for the training of internationalized interdisciplinary excellent talents, who will contribute to the development of modern agriculture.